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Kitchen Colors According To Vastu


.The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in any house. Food is cooked here, so one has to ensure all levels of safety and positivity in this room. To ensure safety, you need to be careful of all electrical equipment placements and wiring, but how does one ensure positivity in the kitchen? The best solution to this is by following Vastu Shastra guidelines.

What is Vastu Shastra? 

Literally meaning “science of architecture”, Vastu Shastra is India’s most sought-after practice of architecture. It is based on principles of ancient texts that recommend ideal ways of living and lifestyle. Their designs are meant to be connected with the forces of nature to intend positive energy to enter your home. Vastu Shastra focuses on linking the building design, layout, and structure to nature with the help of directional placements, geometric designs, and proper symmetry.

Overall, Vastu Shastra aims at using the five natural elements of air, water, earth, fire, and sky to create a positive setting for you. When scientifically combined with architecture, your wealth, health, success, and energy is livened up and given a boost.

Why should you follow Vastu for your kitchen? 

As already mentioned, the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a house, after the prayer room. This is because here, you seek the blessings of the Gods of food and nutrition to maintain your health and keep you away from falling sick. The kitchen is where everyone cooks food in a house so it is representative of food. Furthermore, the kitchen is representative of the fire elements which makes it a necessity that you place the kitchen layout, design, and structure perfectly. If you do not follow Vastu Shastra principles for your kitchen, there are high chances of some unfortunate mishap taking place. But, of course, this could occur because of your carelessness in the kitchen as well.

If you follow Vastu Shastra recommended colors, layout, and design for your kitchen, then your kitchen will be able to easily channel positive energy in while getting rid of negative vibes. Thus, your kitchen will be a negativity-free zone and help keep you and your family healthy and happy. A kitchen that does not follow Vastu Shastra guidelines tend to draw financial instability, unsuccess, and sorrows.

Thus, if you want to avoid all of this negativity, then you must follow Vastu Shastra. To help you out further, you can follow the recommended kitchen colors as per Vastu.

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Kitchen colors to use according to Vastu 

Kitchen colors according to Vastu should be warm and soft-hued. You should not go for dark colors such as jet black, or dark brown, blue, or dark grey. You can use the Vastu color recommendations given below.


Green is a color that is not just recommended by Vastu, but Feng Shui as well. Because it is a direct representative of nature, your kitchen is assured to produce a soothing and calming effect on you and your family. Also, this color can promote good digestion for those who have digestive issues. Green is the color that indicates harmony, peace, and prosperity which is why you can consider painting your kitchen green.


To enhance the optimistic element of your kitchen, you can consider going for orange. Orange also promotes healthy relationships and influences the power you hold. If you have a south-east facing kitchen, then, it is ideal that you use orange because then the Vastu effect will be manifold. You could either go for a dark orange shade that represents power and bravery, or go for a light shade to rejuvenate and stimulate energy.


Consider yellow if you’re not sure what color to use in your kitchen. Yellow, according to Vastu and Feng Shui promotes vitality, freshness, and cheerfulness — all of which are important aspects in creating a pleasant kitchen environment.

According to Vastu, using yellow as a kitchen color works especially well in a kitchen that does not receive direct sunshine. This is because yellow acts as a replication of sun rays and its warmth without acting too bright and bold. Yellow is also ideal for perfect lighting in the kitchen.  When it comes to choosing Vastu recommended colors for the kitchen, yellow is a good choice because it channels good energy and encourages happiness.


Red is associated with the fire element in Hindu mythology. It is also said to bring happiness and prosperity to the residing family. The use of red hues generates positive energy and indicates your unshakable approach toward facing your life’s problems. If your kitchen is placed in the south-east direction, the color red will be a great choice for you.

Light brown 

Light brown is an unusual choice for a kitchen color according to Vastu Shastra. However, according to Vastu principles, this light brown kitchen color is ideal since it conveys warmth and satisfaction, both of which a positive kitchen will enhance.

Brown tones are ideal if you have a kitchen that is facing in the southwest direction. Similarly, light brown helps you maintain a contemporary look in your kitchen.


White is seen as a sign of purity and optimism. It is also connected with hygiene and brightness, both which are important aspects of a productive kitchen.

According to Vastu, the best color that you can use in your kitchen is white. This is due to the fact that it emits energy and enthusiasm. It is the optimal Vastu color for kitchen flooring and walls. If your kitchen faces northwest, picking white. As the color would work exceptionally well to increase favourable vibes, according to Vastu.

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Although not everyone believes in the Vastu Shastra. You should know that it has a pivotal role in attracting goodness to your house. If you decorate or layout your home in accordance with Vastu Shastra, there is a guarantee of being able to work and live in a better space. With the kitchen playing an important role in every household, you must apply only the Vastu Shastra recommended colors, and avoid those that will deplete the good vibes of your home. Overall, following kitchen colors suggested by Vastu Shastra is very important and ideal.

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