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Modular Kitchen Colour
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Modular Kitchen Colour Combinations


Modular kitchens are all in the rage now because of their aesthetics and ergonomics. Nobody wants to design their kitchen in the traditional manner because modern, modular kitchens stand out. Not only do they provide extreme convenience but also great storage space. A modular kitchen can either be U-shaped or L-shaped depending on the type of layout you wish to use. And, of course, a modular kitchen makes use of everything modern. From its lighting to the kitchen appliances, modular kitchen equipment is assured to make the overall outlook very charming.

Thus, when you are designing a modular kitchen, you need to be careful of the type of furnishings you include and the design you choose. Choosing appropriate colour combinations for a modular kitchen is also important that many people do not think much about.

If you are looking for ideal modular kitchen colour combinations, then this blog is for you. Continue reading below to get inspiration for the best modular kitchen colour combinations that will light up your kitchen look.

Top modular kitchen colour combinations 

Modular kitchens are usually painted a single monotone colour or combined with complementing shades. You can either go for a matte-coloured finish or a glossy, velvety touch in your modular kitchen, depending on your tastes and kitchen theme.

Black and white 

One of the most classic colour combinations that has been used timelessly through decades is black and white. This is such a versatile and classic colour combination that you could find it in any house, whether contemporary or traditional. Black and white colour combinations have a certain charm to itself which is why no wonder people opt for these shades in their kitchen. While the white makes your kitchen look bigger and airier, the black shade adds a certain type of mystery that is wanted in a modular kitchen.

If you wish to go for the classic black and white colour combination for your kitchen, then you can play around with these two colours in multiple ways. You can either have a balanced white to black painted wall ratio, or choose to have a dominant shade over the other. Similarly, you can go for all black or white walls with all black or white furniture. Do not forget to focus on the kitchen details to enhance the overall look of your home.

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Grey and royal blue 

Grey and royal blue are highly complementing shades in a colour scheme. Not only do they blend in perfectly with each other but also bring out the aesthetic visual of any room in which they are painted. While choosing these colours for a modular kitchen, you can play around with different hues of the two colours. You can either go for a dark grey with royal blue to create a moody and royal atmosphere in your kitchen, or go for lighter shades such as light grey with sky blue to make your kitchen look effortlessly soothing and elegant.

If the overall theme of your house is inclined towards being royal and mysterious, then go for the darker colour combination, but if your house is more on the brighter and fresher side, then choose the lighter colour combination.

Pink, green and grey 

Pink, green and grey are not very common colour combinations that you might easily find in any kitchen. They are usually suited for big modular kitchens which have a lot of space. If you choose this three-colour combination for your modular kitchen, you can further accentuate your kitchen’s aesthetic with gold or silver minimal details. Doing so will make your kitchen look sophisticated and elegant. Gold on pink will make your kitchen very pretty and provide a modern sense. You can equally balance the three shades on the kitchen walls and furniture, or have a single or double dominating shade over the others.

Brown and white 

Brown and white colour combinations are one of the classic colour combinations that are still used in almost every modern house, especially the kitchen. Because the kitchen is a place where food is cooked, using neutral shades of brown combined with white will make your modular kitchen have a more earthy touch. A modular kitchen is usually intended to have a formal look which is why pairing any shade of brown with a bright white will make your kitchen look bigger and cleaner. You could pair brown shaded cabinets or surface tops with complete white kitchen walls. Although any shade of brown goes well with white, you should prefer opting for lighter brown shades in a kitchen over darker ones.

Ivory and gold 

Gold is a very risky colour that people get confused about painting in any room in their house. Not many colours complement well with gold and it is difficult to find one that will suit it for a timeless period. On the other hand, ivory and gold go hand in hand really well. While gold is a bright and shiny colour, it highly complements the neutral and grounded shade of ivory. If you wish to pair ivory with gold in your modular kitchen, you can even go for other gold hues such as cream gold, yellow gold, or rose gold.

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Painting the correct shades in a modular kitchen is essential to make your kitchen look modular enough. Choosing inappropriate colours will overshadow the basic aim of owning a modern kitchen with modern kitchen appliances. Thus, to enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics, you can follow the colour combinations mentioned above.

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