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How to Make Denim Flowers


Jeans may not be easy to wear, but that won’t stop you from always having a few in your closet that you won’t wear anymore. Instead of dusting them off, take them out and give them a makeover. A denim flower that you can use for hair accessories, brooches, necklaces, cards, gift wrap, or to decorate your bags, hats, sweaters, or even return to your denim tops or pants,… Perhaps its function will be far greater than its existence as a pair of jeans. bloom and wild discount code nhs


  • denim
  • sewing machine


  1. First, print and cut out 4 stencils, I like to copy the stencils to a cardboard board for ease of use.
  2. A total of 5 flowers need to be cut, 2 of the largest and 1 of each of the other 3 sizes. Use a sewing machine to sew a circle of thread 5 mm from the edge of the flower. This step can be omitted if you like, but it will help prevent the fabric from fraying if you sew it.
  3. Opting for different colors of denim can create a more three-dimensional feel.
  4. Lay the denim petals on top of each other, overlapping the center. Then sew 3 to stitches all over the center.
  5. Finally, depending on the materials you have on hand, use buttons and other decorative items to enrich the color and style of the flower.
  6. Very simple steps, but it can make a practical and beautiful old thing makeover, so don’t let your skillful hands and old things

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How to Weave Denim

  1. First of all, spinning – winding – warping – indigo dyeing and sizing – machine weaving – singeing – sizing – drawing and anti-shrinkage finishing – drying and shaping – finished product.
  2. The first step, spinning, spins plant fibers into yarn
  3. Then start dyeing, and warping, the process of which is also more complicated.
  4. It is then woven on a machine, and then processed into fabric. Action Camera Flashlight
  5. Finally, after anti-shrinking treatment, the denim is successfully made after drying and qualitative.
  6. The above is how to weave denim.

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The use effect and method of Denim whitening Agent

There are many printing and dyeing manufacturers of different sizes in different provinces and cities in my country. Among them, the special fluorescent whitening agent for denim bleaching is a very important auxiliary agent in the bleaching process. Only by adding special fluorescent whitening agent for denim bleaching The agent must first fade the background color to yellow and whiten before adding other colors, so that the dyeing can be more bright, beautiful and pure. Today, the editor will introduce to you the use method and effect of a special fluorescent whitening agent for denim bleaching.


Denim to be bleached

Fluorescent whitening agent

  • water
  • Denim to be bleached
  • Fluorescent whitening agent
  1. Add the prepared water to the fluorescent whitening agent RQT-BKR in proportion, and the general bleaching
  2. Put the denim to be bleached into a well-proportioned whitening agent and filter it by soaking.
  3. After about 15 minutes of soaking, the whiteness of the denim after bleaching can be seen.


  1. The amount of brightener added should not be too much.
  2. Be sure to dissolve the brightener completely in the water

How to ps Denim Texture

The method is very simple, come and learn it.

DIY Denim Headband

Looking at my hair ties recently, all black without any decoration, it seems that it has been like this since I was pregnant, and I am not in the mood to pay attention to this aspect. I feel like it’s time to change a bit. I’ll try it myself first. I just have something to do with denim recently, so let’s try it first! The finished product is like this

  1. First cut the denim into small rectangular pieces, about five centimeters long and the width does not matter, the length must be the same
  2. After folding in half, cut into thin strips of the same width as shown below, but do not cut them at all
  3. Then take the next piece of cloth and continue to sew while rolling.
  4. Roll up all the cloth strips in this way, and see if the flowers come out.
  5. Although it is basically completed now, in order to make it more beautiful, let’s add some decorations. Sew together several strips of white trim, the same length as the denim strips, and sew over the denim flowers
  6. Sew flowers on hair tie
  7. Cut a piece of circular non-woven fabric and sew it at the back to cover the stitches and raw edges
  8. Okay, it’s done, you can wear it out for a while.
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