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Move your shop

How to Move Your Shop With the Help of Movers


Every type of move comes with its challenges, and shop moving is no exception. The movers must pay extra attention to fragile and glass displays. You must also know how to move the equipment.

Let’s now see how to manage the move of your store while minimizing downtime.

Plan your store relocation

Although it may seem trivial, planning is crucial when moving stores. Moving from one apartment to the next is easy. The order of furniture and other objects is the same. While packing a mirror it’s important to know how to pack mirror for moving.

It is important to assess and estimate the downtime, and thus potential loss of turnover when moving.


Gas and electricity supply connections

It is a good idea to ensure that the necessary suppliers (electricity, gas) have been activated at the new location before you start the move.

It’s important to learn about activating the gas and electricity suppliers in your new store. This activity can sometimes prove to be more difficult than you expected.


Place the items to be packed in order

Most traders want to make sure that their business continues to operate. It is vital. What’s the first point? It gives all that isn’t essential.


Removing the document archive from the store

It is unlikely that there is an archive of documents with invoice history.


Equipment for moving shop

You should also consider a warehouse or laboratory, as these will contain essential equipment that is needed to carry out your daily activities.


Computer, cash register, and shop counter moving computer

To make sure that the final items in the new shop are assembled, the computer, cash register, and everything that makes the sales counter work will be taken apart and moved.


When should you start moving the store?

If the goal of the move is to remain open until the end, it will be done on closing day and in the evening. First, determine if the shop is in an apartment building.


Shop relocation insurance

There are often objects in shops that can be fragile, or that have a high economic value and need to be packed carefully.

We could list hundreds of such unexpected, no matter how well the goods are packed and the care taken by the movers. Also, It is important to evaluate whether it is necessary to activate special insurance to cover any accidental damages.


Temporary storage

It is also difficult to determine where to store bulky equipment and goods, especially if the store will be returning for an exchange with models from the new collection.

The solution is to use temporary Storage to store everything that isn’t needed or can’t be moved immediately to the new location.  It’s important to learn how much does pod storage cost?

These storage options offer many benefits: They can be accessed at any time, and they are available in a variety of sizes.


Find a professional moving company that is specialized in moving stores

A professional moving company such as Perfect Timing Moving manages every day the removal of shops, warehouses, or workshops from the basement. Also, They can also offer a professional and complete service.

They can ensure your move, and make your temporary deposits fully available for your goods or equipment.

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