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Crompton Exhaust Fans

Crompton Exhaust Fans Price


To maintain proper ventilation in one’s home is important, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Maintaining proper ventilation ensures that unpleasant or toxic air does not remain entrapped in your room, and gets eliminated to the outside. Doing so will promote a feeling of freshness in your room at all times. So, how does one ensure this freshness?

The solution is simple. Get an exhaust fan installed in the kitchen and bathroom. An exhaust fan will eliminate the presence of any unpleasant odour or excess moisture build up from any room easily. You might have noticed fogginess occurs after you take a steaming bath in the bathroom, or a burning smell caused by burning of the pan in the kitchen. These activities can cause some issues, especially breathing issues, which is why the requirement of proper ventilation arises.

 How do exhaust fans operate? 

Exhaust fans are generally of two kinds. There is the ducted and non-ducted exhaust fan. While a ducted exhaust fan filters the room’s air by releasing the polluted air to the outside, a non-ducted exhaust fan performs the same function with a charcoal filter. The motor in an exhaust fan is engineered to suck out air by turning its blades. They consume electricity to operate efficiently.

About Crompton 

Crompton has been working with great diligence for more than 90 years to fulfil the consumer’s home appliance needs. From manufacturing the best kinds of ceiling fans and LED lights for any room, you can trust Crompton with your electrical and lighting needs. They work on a vision of providing good and high-grade quality products that are manufactured on a superior engineering process. If you have any electrical or lighting requirement, then, Crompton is the brand you must seek.

Crompton exhaust fans 

Crompton has the best type of exhaust fans ready for use based on your requirements. Whether you want a domestic exhaust fan, a heavy duty one for big spaces, or stylish ones that will enhance the room’s look, Crompton has them all.

The basic features that any Crompton exhaust fan will showcase is that they have aerodynamic blades. These aerodynamic blades help in maintaining freshness efficiently and smoothly. Similarly, they have an automatic shutter control which helps prevent any dust build up. Every Crompton fan is manufactured with an aim of lasting you more than a decade which is why extra caution is placed during their making. They are made out of rust-free metal which ensures that moisture has no effect on its working. Also, they have a screen protector against birds or small animals which could potentially injure themselves when the exhaust fan is on.

The best Crompton exhaust fans are mentioned below.

  • Transair exhaust fan
  • Transair Reversible exhaust fan
  • Brisk Air Neo
  • Drift Air
  • Flux Air

These five exhaust fans have a sleek and stylish build, a sturdy rust-proof body with rust-proof blades, screen protector against foreign substances, and are highly affordable. If you want a good Crompton exhaust fan for your home, you could go with any of the following.

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Why should you use a Crompton exhaust fan? 

Using a Crompton exhaust fan will provide you with the following benefits.

  • A Crompton exhaust fan is promised to cool down the surrounding area quickly and efficiently. If you have been cooking for too long or showering with hot water, then the atmosphere will automatically grow warm. Their exhaust fans will vent the hot air, replace them with fresh air, and reduce the overall temperature of that room. Breathing in a ventilated room is very comfortable, and a Crompton exhaust fan can provide that.
  • You will notice a significant improvement in the air quality of the room where a Crompton exhaust fan is installed. They are highly beneficial in eliminating unpleasant smells, reducing high levels of humidity, and preventing contaminant build up. A room which does not get ventilation through adequate means will feel very stuffy and stagnant, causing you to become nauseous and suffocated.
  • At times, moisture gets excessively stored in a room if proper ventilation is not guaranteed. When this moisture build up occurs, then, your room’s walls, ceilings, furniture, and other such surfaces become highly prone to mold and fungal growth. A Crompton exhaust fan can get rid of the excess moisture, and prevent any unwanted growth from happening.
  • Although you might think that a Crompton exhaust fan produces high electricity bills, this is not the truth. These exhaust fans consume way less power than one can expect them to as they are energy-saving exhaust fans. You can get your room looking good and fresh with a Crompton exhaust fan without having to pay high bills.
  • These exhaust fans are extremely easy to clean and maintain. It takes only a few minutes to make a Crompton exhaust fan looking as good as new. With regular maintenance and care by removing dust and oil particles that might have stuck to the exhaust fan, a Crompton exhaust fan can last you for almost a decade.

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People opt for a good-quality exhaust fan to improve the quality of air and enhance comfort in their homes by installing them in appropriate and key positions. If you have confusions regarding the placement of an exhaust fan, you must take professional help. Taking expert advice will ensure that your room ventilation requirements are met and fulfilled. Overall, if you want the best exhaust fan brand installed in your kitchen and bathroom, then you must go for Crompton. Crompton has the best exhaust fans that you could ever come across!

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